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Lift Engineer Training Academy

Knowledge Improves Confidence

From a Knowing Nothing in the Lift Industry to Running Your Own Lift Company

From a Knowing Nothing in the Lift Industry to Running Your Own Lift Company

The Lift Engineer Training Academy helps with the abilty and know-how of learning how the lift industry really works.  It eliminates the weakness and misunderstaning that an employer would have you believe. We deliver an experiential learning program for people from the Engineering or Construction Industries.  Do some of the following questions interest you?

  • Do you want to retrain as a Lift Engineer?
  • Do you want to Fast Track your way through the right training courses?
  • Do you want to get qualified and cut out all the red tape?
  • Do you want to learn all the secrets of running and owning your own Lift Company the easy way and avoid all the costly years of mistake, trial and error?

Then enrol on our Lift & Escalator Industry Job Registration Seminar Event where we will share with you all the dos and don'ts to help you, no matter what stage you're already at in your career. No Need to Leave your Current Job as all our coaching, training & support is delivered alongside your regular work.

Why not attend our next lift & escalator industry job registration seminar event, where we will cover your next 36 month lift engineering strategy of where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

We will cover:

  • Lift engineering Employment and why it is a bad idea long term
  • Self-Employment - pros/cons & your tax liabilities ahead
  • Start and run your own lift business from scratch & the tax benefits you pick up along the way by operating under a Ltd company
  • how to fast track your way into employment
  • when to get you on the right training courses
  • what the benefits are to set yourself up as a Ltd company


  • Introduction to the lift industry, (do's & don'ts)
  • Sourcing the right lift firms to work for
  • Good & Bad CV, phoning the company & what to say when speaking with the lift owner...!
  • Meeting the lift company and what to say at interview for the 1st time
  • The No. 1 rule when negotiating a starting salary
  • Designing your lift engineering career strategy - (the 7 step traditional journey to owning a lift firm - (and how to fast track this in 4 easy steps))
  • Lift engineer standards, safety training and what's most important, first
  • IAG on getting the right CSCS cards & what not to apply for...!
  • The 7 biggest money earners for a lift firm and how to avoid the 3 costly mistakes
  • How to find the low hanging fruit and where the quick easy wins are earnt working on lifts that you can use every job
  • What’s App Group - Be part of a private community of people who all share their experiences (good & bad) of the lift trade. Fast track your knowledge and learning to gain confidence of how the lift industry really works by posting your questions to the group of members


  • Lift Owners Holmes Places Health Clubs, Warwick Estates Property Management & Tesco were fined £468,000 after numerous failings in Health & Safety resulting in the death of Katarzyna Woja and Craig Jones. Mohammed Ferdous also suffered life changing injuries after his foot was crushed by a faulty lift resulting in losing 5 of his toes.
  • Lift Companies ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK, Temple Lifts & T E Scudder were fined £883,000 after poor training and failings in risk assessments where lift accidents had occurred.
  • Chevron Lifts Ltd, a Lift Installer, got 7 year ban for accepting customer deposits when company was insolvent
  • Principal Contractor, J A Ball and Subcontractor, Anders Development were fined £300k after Dorin Samsons suffered life changing injuries that were sustained in a lift shaft where the correct skills, knowledge and experience to plan and dismantle the lift could not be sufficiently proved.
  • +20 More Accounts of where lift directors and owners of lifts have been sued and prosecuted at court and how you can avoid the whole mess

BONUSES (Lift Industry Document Folder) (USB Stick)

  • A-Z of Lift Components = 300 items
  • Lift Company Contact Details of firms to apply for work and gain lift engineer experience whilst earning a wage = 130 items
  • The Law, Regulations & Standards relating to lifts = 22 items
  • Template Documents including Asbestos Policy, Blank Document Checklist, Blank Heads of Terms, Blank Sale & Purchase Agreement, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, Confined Spaces Policy, Health Surveillance Policy, Lone Working Policy & Manual Handling Policy

When you start in the lift business you will have our preferred support for;

  • Any of our training courses
  • Registration of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s)
  • Priority use our Government funded lift mates to work for you (subject to availability)

Take part in an informal setting of group networking job interviews. We invite local and National lift employers with live job vacancies who are looking to recruit new staff for their business. You will be trained and coached before the interviews and taught how best to get the job that you want.

Email us your questions in advance and take part in an ongoing rolling programme of study and coaching. Take part our video conference call from the comfort of your own home, catch up anytime with recordings of all online training sessions

Our Lift Engineering Business Growth Accelerator Programme is only available to graduates of our MASTERMIND TRAINING group and includes support in the following 3 areas;

  • New Lift Customer Leads - When starting your lift company you will need additional & ongoing support for new lift customers being directed to you for your lift engineering related services for the lifespan of your company. We refer new and existing lift customers to our business growth accelerator programme clients who need their lifts installed, tested, maintained, repaired and modernised.
  • Data Bank of Technical Aid - Our data bank of technical aid comprises some 62,158 files made up of 32GB of lift data which includes electrical drawings, technical write ups & manuals on over 95% of the industries lift & escalator operating equipment.
  • Business Support - We support new lift firms for commercial growth in a competitive marketplace. It can be tough to constantly assure lift owners of the right contractor to carry out works on their lift with 700+ lift companies and self employed subcontractors working in the UK to choose from.

Some of the areas you may need our advice and business support with include;

  • How to deal with the HSE of an incident or accident they are investigating on you
  • What a shareholder agreement looks like and when to appoint Directors to the company so that you remain in complete control over its future
  • Why care should be taken when employing anyone on your payroll or how to deal with the self employed and/or subcontractors that you use
  • What are the preferred tax rates to use to keep more profit in the company and reduce your tax burden to HMRC.
  • Which lift technician or tester is best to hire to work its magic over old lift equipment and keep your customer happy and continuing their business with you instead of a competitor?
  • Who are the brain surgeons and rocket scientists of the lift industry that will get you out of trouble and your contracts current.


  • Build your lift firm fast through buying another lift company without using your own money.
  • Everything from sending the first letter to the seller, what to say on the first phone call and guiding them through to heads of terms and the sale & purchase agreement.

Please contact us for an informal chat on 020 8303 4411 about how we can help you set yourself up in the lift industry and start and run your own lift business.

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