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EOR202N Basic Lift Safety

Non Lift Personnel

Non Lift Personnel

Arrangements must be made for effective release of trapped passengers from inside lift cars. We deliver training & assessment to enable all non lift personnel to achieve the Performing Engineering Operations EOR202N titled ‘Working Safely in an Engineering Environment’ (Lift Safety).

This EOR202N course is designed for you if you need to access any lift areas or you need to manually move a passenger lift yourself when power cuts, entrapments or other emergency situations have occured. It is essential to be properly trained, assessed and deemed competent when working on lifts. Tough penalties can be imposed by the courts for non compliance when accidents have occured, read the blog here.

Over 1,200+ building owners/security guards/reception staff/facility managers/lift engineers and others have all attended our courses previously. TCD is the UK's number one lift engineer recruitment, training and development company and are the leading EOR202N lift industry training provider. We have lift industry experience of delivering this course since 2006 and can guide you through the whole process. Training carried out on gearless lifts, lifts with bi-directional safety gears and/or machine-room-less installations will only be conducted by a separate risk assessment and will be subject to an additional cost.

Full Course Outline
Access-Egress Safety Training (Car Top)
Access-Egress Safety Training (Lift Pit)
Health & Safety - Short Course Presentation
Lift Health & Safety Workbook for EOR202N
EOR202N Portfolio
EOR202N Unit
27 Safe Release of Passengers (LEIA Safety Information Sheet)
Lift Release Training Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS)
Cases Prosecuted at Court
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LEIA Guidance on the Safe Release of Passengers HERE

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