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Social Learning Centre

See how Social Learning Centre helped several new lift installation and lift service & repair engineers engineers complete their lift training and find jobs in the lift trade. A short video should play below, if it doesn't then you might need to update your video settings or just read the text displayed below

Social Learning Centre is a social enterprise and a not for profit making organisation established to bridge the gap between education and employment in the lift industry. We are a consortium of lift engineering employers who all share a single vision, to develop, grow and provide real and lasting job opportunities for apprentices both young and old.

At Social Learning Centre, our aim is to work collaboratively with both apprentices and lift companies by bringing these communities together to help sustain work development that lasts. We are transforming lives, here's how we work.

For apprentices, we support college leavers in training, apprenticeships and finding new job opportunities. We provide free, accredited and bespoke courses, we also provide a service that matches apprentices to lift companies which also allows a seamless integration into work.

For lift companies, we work directly with them to inspire growth with apprenticeship schemes, identifying appropriate government funded programmes that are available. We are bettering businesses. We've seen lift companies grow and develop when using our skills and expertise. We've also enjoyed showing students how to apply for their dream jobs. Time and time again, we've been told that our services have made a real difference to people lives.

I myself have had 8 to 10 interviews in the last week and now have a job to go to.

We've had quite a lot of people come down to interview us about getting a start for an apprenticeship and somebody's come back to me and offered me a position for a start on Monday and I couldn't be more happy with it.

Social Learning Centre has helped me, I've had half a dozen job interviews during the week and I start work on Monday, so it's been really, really good.

We work with colleges and in the community giving students the opportunities they relish and deserve.

Hi, Social Learning Centre is here at PEW, the UK's leading lift distributors. We're expecting around 50 students from 4 different colleges. The aim of the day is to introduce them to PEW and show them around. They've all completed a free government funded lift engineering course organised by Social Learning Centre and I'll be talking to them to find out how they found the course and the day.

Have you enjoyed the training today? Yes I have enjoyed it a lot and have got a lot of experience and know things that I have never known before.

I learned new skills and got a lot of experience.

It was pretty good, I found some stuff that I didn't know before, the prices of everything, how the lifts worked.

We looked around the workshop and saw all the different parts that they sell and we could be using in future.

Yes today was good learning what goes on in the workshop, also what products go in and out and how they're processed. Prices is also a good span in case we want to go on and start our own companies.

It's been interesting, I've got a chance to learn about different wires that I didn't know before and know more about lift engineering.

It's been exciting, I've enjoyed everything, I've enjoyed walking around looking at things meeting all the different colleges and seeing what you actual do and hearing about it. And do you want to be a lift engineer? Well I'm starting to think about it now after today's walk around the warehouse.

I found it really eventful and really interesting. I understand you want to be a lift engineer, why is that? I think it's a good trade, you get a lot out of it, it's good money.

The students found it quite informative, there were a number of things that they picked up which they didn't know before.

Like any trade it's about terminology and a picture is a thousand words, so to actually see it, they'll know what I'm talking about when I'm explaining in a lesson, so it's all good experience.

They've enjoyed seeing all the different things on display here and talking to the staff and enjoying the atmosphere of this visit.

They're always approachable, always on hand because of the assessor such as Rob, his subject knowledge being very specific to the lift industry, it really does give a one stop shop solution to the apprentice.

We've had 2 or 3 go on interviews with Jacksons the local lift companies the Jacksons and Apex, quite a few local industries and they've applied and sent their CV's and hopefully at the end of the course they go into employment.

We would like to have more days like this, because we can see from my personal journey the opportunities that can give to these young people.

I think the day went very, very well. We got lots of good feedback from the students, great feedback from the teachers and I think with the partner organisation from PEW and Social Learning Centre, I thing the day went fantastic.

SLC are there for you if your a lift engineer student or a lift company. Our unique service will help the lift industry prosper and grow. So contact us now to find out more, we're here to help.

SLC educating, assisting and deveoping the lift industry.

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