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Take a Moment to Read Just Some of our Testimonials and Feedback Below.

Our last new lift recruit, Paul, from their training course has worked out very well for our lift company.
Tony Parker
Emerald Elevators

I definitely liked the course the first 4 weeks were excellent.
James Kinzett (Lift Mate)

I particularly enjoyed passing on my knowledge of local and National lift firms to inspire new people to the trade and giving them a chance.
Stephen King (UK Sales Manager)

The course was very interesting, I learnt a lot on the 5 week course, 3 weeks in the classroom and 2 weeks onsite training, it was very knowledge and learning.
Iain Stewart (Lift Mate)

We have taken three new people from them in the past and we liked that they had already taken part in basic lift safety which saved us time.
Alison Wilde
Liftec Lifts

I got offered the course and went to PEW for one day, after the work trial I ended up getting employment out of it.
Jack Major (Lift Mate)

A very good course, I’d highly recommend this to any lift firm needing new junior staff.
Mark Davis
Total Elevators

5 week course was really good, the best part was I got an overview of the whole industry being in the classroom and onsite and building the control panels.
James Knight (Lift Improver)

We took on a new trainee and ending up employing him on a full time basis.
Andy Barrett
Ascendit Lifts

Recently done the TCD training course, it’s brilliant, it has got me work after having at least 10 interviews with many companies have been taken on permanently.
Kieron Bradley (Lift Mate)

We have taken a couple of lift mates before without any cost implications, it was easy.
Lee Lines

I found the course very enjoyable, 4 week training, 2 in the classroom and 2 on the job and also visited PEW to look at all the lift equipment.
Alex Roberts (Lift Mate)

We have visited them twice before and have recruited new staff, the training they give is really useful.
Paul Murray
Murray Lifts

I believe I had between 12 and 14 interviews and they put me with who I’d be best off with.
Jon Taylor (Lift Improver)

I thought the whole course was very well thought out with many different candidates for us to choose
Mick Rutter (Operations & Compliance Director)

I had about 15 interviews in the classroom, sometimes 2-3 employers at the same time and I got full time employment
Darryl Webb (Lift Improver)

We were able to choose a suitable lift mate for our lift repair business and he is working out well for us after giving him a permanent job
Paul Sawyer
Lift Technical Services

Interviews over the course of the week were about 14 and I ended up getting the new lift job.
Charlie Harding (Lift Mate)

I had ever been there before but was impressed by the quality of safety training and the people in the class, we took one of them on to help out on our lift installs.
Mick Burns
Elevation Lifts

Interviews, I’ve lost count, must have been at least 12, we’d have 2 people coming to see us at the same time, it’s like a conveyor belt of employers coming in, unbelievable.
Garry Turner (Lift Improver)

We’ve taken on five new lift mates which has supported my lift firm to complete our projects in a quicker time.
Nick Naddeo
Ideal Elevators

We had over a dozen interviews, we had employers coming in and out like a rotary system in the classroom interviewing each candidate.
Jack Shepherd (Lift Improver)

We used this before and had a lift mate working for us for a free work trial, it was easy for us and saved us money and time.
Vincent Jacob
ESA Lifts

I’ve had plenty of interviews with companies and happy to say I’ve been offered a position as a lift improver and my aim is to go on and finish the NVQ and become a qualified lift engineer.
Darren Burton (Lift Improver)

They have helpful teaching staff and know what they are doing, the new lift mates has worked with us on our lift projects.
Frazer Bush
Total Elevators

I’ve been taken on and I’m now working to the NVQ level 2, so if you like it and want to get into this, then come along.
Humphrey Walker (Lift Improver)

When I saw the training for myself, it was exactly what our company was looking for.
Danny Green
UK Source Lifts

I work for a lift installation firm and we do work all over the United Kingdom, I really enjoy working for them, the engineer and the construction manager, they have really changed everything.
Desmond Ahannon (Lift Mate)

A free work trial is good for us as there is no risk prior to offering any jobs
Gary Rains
Lift Service Manager

I now work for an elevator company and we do regeneration and installation of lifts.
Kobina Asihene (Lift Trainee)

We provided mechanical learning about how lifts are put together and the machines that we use to punch out, cut, bend and form the metalwork.
Mick Holderness (Lift Production Director)

I am currently employed by a lift installation firm based in Oxford.
Sam Palmer (Lift Mate)

Site safety is paramount and our joint masterclass of training new recruits is second to none.
John Roberts
Lift Service Director

We employed a new lift mate from them at the training centre and the whole thing was easy for us.
Paul Love
Marple Elevators

I work for a lift firm doing repairs, I done the 2 week job trial and managed to get the job in the end.
Harry Melloy (Lift Mate)

We have used this training course at no cost for two new lift mates, one of which we employed permanently after the trail period.
Mick Fernandez
Elan lifts

I’m doing re-modernisations, taking out motors, control panels, rewiring, installing light fittings in the shaft.
Errol Reid (Lift Mate)

We have taken on staff from them before and used their payroll, it all runs smoothly.
Anthony Piekos

I am currently working in Chatham undertaking a panel change and replacing the lifts trailing flexes and everything else that runs the lift itself with the engineer.
Gavin Bhurji (Lift Mate)

Wow, really good, I can’t recommend this course enough, well thought out and delivered course, our new lift mate is doing really well with us.
Darren Evans
7 Spires Lifts

I am working in the Metropolitan Hotel in Park Lane, I’ve seen it from an empty shaft with scaffolding to getting the frame of the lift and moving up and down so from start to finish.
Spencer Smith (Lift Mate)

A very good and well run lift mate training course, I was surprised at how many people you could choose from.
Alan Webb
Aspect Lifts

At the moment I’m working on the service side, we do repairs, there is a lot of overtime, we do callouts, breakdowns, if people get trapped in a lift we have to go and rescue them.
Tom O’Farrell (Lift Mate)

We have taken on a lift mate permanently at no risk, we are also looking into offering additional learning on hydraulic lifts at our training centre in Heyworth.
Rob Keane

I finished the TCD lift mate training and had several interviews and I work on major lift modernisations and new lift installs.
Warren Ellis (Lift Mate)

I visited them in their training rooms and was amazed at the high quality of people there and the training they TCD were doing.
Alistair Gilmour
AG Lift Services

I thought I would never find work being slightly older, but the lift engineer course was really very good and they put me with a local firm on lift repairs.
Cliff Woodham (Lift Mate)

We took on a younger lift mate, he was a pleasant chap and it didn’t cost me any money for the training that they had done before.
Brett Crame
Avante Elevators

I didn't do too well at school and was lost for a while, since completing their course, they have found 2 lift employers and have come to site to monitor my work, fantastic course.
Jack Cheetham (Lift Trainee)

We had 2 new lift mates for our platform lift installation business and they have been with us now for 5 years.
Darren Cardwell
Axess 2

I finished the TCD training course and went to several job interviews, I like the work now and am working for a lift firm from Charlton.
John Carroll (Lift Mate)

We’ve taken on 2 lift mates and have employed them permanently, they also put them through the EOR202N accreditation through LEIA at no extra cost.
Martin Clifton
MKM Elevators

I’ve been given a job and we do work all over the county and I’m now working towards by NVQ level 2.
Danny Johnson (Lift Improver)

I sent our lift manager to visit them to see what training they were doing and ended up employing a slightly older person who has been a very good fit for our lift company.
Ian Hickson
Abbey Liftcare

I liked the training course and it is so much better than my last job as a scaffolder.
David Matthews (Lift Mate)

I didn’t even need to go to their training centre, I made just one phone call and the lift mate was with me the following week.
Peter Owen
Direct Lift Services

I finished all the lift engineer training and was placed in a local lift firm on a work trial and am enjoying it.
Albie Hamlin (Lift Mate)

I went to see them and interviewed all their lift mates, I liked it that they teach the safety of lift engineering in the classroom before they go to site.
Reg Coote
Unique Lifts

I now work on changing the whole lifting machine and all the heavy lift work and big projects.
Jayden Mac (Lift Mate)

We took on new guy that was near to retirement, but however he was a good worker and I will use their training centre again for new staff.
Graham Webb
Titan New Lifts

I went from changing vehicle tyres to working on lifts and can say that it is much better with good career prospects.
Jay Woodley (Lift Mate)

We were working in Gatwick airport and interviewed one of their lift mates onsite, I think it’s really good what they are doing.
David Monk
D Monk Lifts

I was lucky enough to be given two jobs when the first employer ran out of work, the TCD training course and support were excellent.
Jack Moody (Lift Mate)

We visited them at their training centre, and took on a young person for a work trial, he ended up getting full time work with one of our lift sub-contractors.
Billy Gillmurray
Aspect Lifts

I attended lots of lift job interviews and liked what they were teaching me.
Stephen Knell (Lift Mate)

We took on a younger lift apprentice from them, didn’t even need to go there as he was sent straight to site.
Ken Dillon
Dillon Lifts

I now work in installing new lifts and TCD run my payroll so it’s really very good.
Robert Flint (Lift Improver)

We employed a new lift mate full time and it worked well for us, I liked the training that they had already done which made it easy for us.
Dave Beadle
Essex Lift Services

I work on new lift installations for a Hertfordshire company, it was a fantastic course that didn’t cost me any money.
Matthew Carter (Lift Mate)

I made one phone call to them and they sorted out a new lift mate to work for us the following week, it couldn’t have been any easier.
Michael Roach
Bluecoat Engineering

I work for a lift firm that also works on escalators and am learning both sides of the industry
Nathan Ritchie (Lift Mate)

We must have had a dozen lift mates from TCD over the years, a brilliant service.
Mark Lander
Lift Specialists

I was only a few years off retirement, but I went along when they ha group interviews and was offered a position for work straight away.
Michael Sullivan (Lift Engineer)

I hired a new lift mate for a month to help me finish off a lift job, after this I just sent him back, it was easy.
Crisjen Parkes
Vertex Lifts

I found a lift job before finishing the course, the training was first class.
Neil Borley (Lift Mate)

We took on a new lift trainee for a work trial and we employed him afterwards to help us with our lift mods that we were working on.
Andrew Smith
Smith Elevator Services

I finished the training and they found me a job with a sub-contractor lift firm, it was really good.
Matthew Flack (Lift Mate)

I was invited to go along and see their training and I took on a new lift mate for a work trial.
David Warr
Titan Elevators

I was for a stair lift repair company and mainly work in Kent, the training course was very good and didn’t cost me any money.
Robert Moloney (Lift Mate)

I went to see them at their office and interviewed 4 or 5 lift mates, we ended up employing one of them to help out in our lift repair department
Derek Powis
The General Lift Company

I had spent 25 years working in an office so lift work was new to me, but I do like the change now and am working for a company in Crayford.
Richard Harber (Lift Mate)

They sorted out a group interview session at our office, we must have seen 5 or 6 candidates within an hour, it was very easy for us as they did all the work.
Bill Lidsey

I did train in zoology and wanted to be a vet, but it was almost impossible to get a job, so I retrained as a lift engineer and am enjoying it.
Seamus Butler-Ellis (Lift Mate)

We had a new lift mate from TCD, didn’t even need to go there as they sorted it all out for me.
Daniel Griffin
Griffin Elevators

I used to be a porter in a hospital but the job was no good for me, I am now working on major lift installations thanks to TCD.
James Macneill (Lift Mate)

We took on a new lift mate to work for us and it worked out well, we had an older guy but his past experience helped him into employment.
Lawrence Willsey
Guideline Lift Services

TCD organised several interviews and I worked for them before accepting a permanent full time job for a lift company in Sidcup.
David Steel (Lift Mate)

I interviewed all their lift mates at their office and we employed one of them to work on the building needs of the lift industry.
Steve Hayter
London & Kent Building Services

I was un-employed at the start of the training but now work for a lift firm in Dartford.
Darius D'Cunha (Lift Mate)

I was invited to their office and see all the training for myself, I thought it was a very well run course.
Richard Chaney
Chaney Lifts

They put me through several job interviews and ended up working for TCD using their payroll service.
Daniel Howlett (Lift Mate)

We had a younger lift apprentice from them and it has worked out well for us so far.
Ray Nash
The Elevator Group

I used to drive trains but was getting board, so I went along for the lift training and TCD found me a job.
Colin Altringham (Lift Mate)

We have taken on 2 lift mates from them and it saved us time in searching for these new recruits ourselves.
John Brown

Before this new lift engineer training I used to be a plasterer, but I do prefer working on the lifts.
Daniel Freeman (Lift Mate)

We needed a younger lift trainee and they found us an apprentice who has been with us now for 5 years.
Stephen Hamblin
M & S Lifts

I am working on the building side of the industry and supporting major lift companies works.
Jack Ovenell (Lift Mate)

I used them once and benefitted from a free work trial, the guy they put us with was very good for us.
Phil Zammit
Higher Elevation

They were really great in finding me so many interviews and I am now working on my EOR202N course.
Israel Ogundijo (Lift Improver)

We had a new lift mate to work for us on lift & escalators, the whole experience was a good thing for us to get involved with.
David Orton
Orton Lifts & Escalators

I had no luck with finding work and being just 18 years old I was lost, but then I enrolled on the lift training course and they found me work with a firm in Crayford.
Jack Cahill (Lift Mate)

I went down to see them and aw the training in action, it was good to see the electrical training and safety talks that they were doing for new entrants, very good.
Mike Newman
Stannah Lifts

I now work on changing the whole lifting machine and all the heavy lift work and big projects.
Jayden Mac (Lift Mate)

I used them to find me a lift mate and he worked for us during a free work trial.
Dan Treanor

Being a bit older, I thought I’d never get another job, but TCD put on a very good training course and am now working on passenger lifts in London.
Matthew Slater (Lift Mate)

I took on a lift mate for about 8 months and hired him to help in all my large lift installation jobs.
Peter Selby
Chertsey Elevators

I learnt a lot from the classroom training that I done, and I got a job with a lift subby.
James Beaney (Lift Mate)

I have to say, I have been bowled over by how well they are doing so far. Absolutely thrilled to hear of the glowing reports that I am getting so clearly you have found a good bunch with the right attitude here for us and I thank you"
John Brand
Amalgamated Lifts

We've had lots of interviews, I myself have had 8 to 10 interviews in the last week and now have a job to go to for Monday morning next week, so it's a really worthwhile course, really well presented and really well executed.
Adam Brinkley (Lift Trainee)

I interviewed an entire group of new lift mates and was pleased to see so many new recruits, we ended up taking on one of their trainees on a full time permanent position within our company.
Giles Brennan
Emerald Elevators

I couldn’t believe we had so many interviews that really we didn’t have to do any work, all the interviews come in to see us, we had about 12 interviews maybe more, different employers in the room at the same time, just like a convey belt. What a unique thing to have that may interviews, I didn’t have to get on the phone or do any work, it was all done for me.
Paul Roberts (Lift Mate)

I used Training Centre Direct to work with me to get my NVQ level 2 in installing platform lifting equipment. The advice and support they gave me was very well received and helped me to achieve my qualification in a minimal amount of time by visiting me onsite. They handled all the paperwork required and kept in close contact with me throughout the whole process. We have since signed up another platform lift engineer on the course and he has also completed his NVQ2 in under 4 months. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their NVQ level 2 completed without any fuss.
Chris Peberdy
Installations Supervisor (Axess4all)

Liftout would like to thank Training Centre Direct for providing an excellent and efficient service to our engineers during their ‘Basic Lift Safety’ EOR/202 training modules. They were always helpful and at hand to offer any guidance/advice directly to our Lift Engineers by telephone at any time.
Bill Lidsey
Director (Liftout)

Lift Specialists would like to thank TCD for their continual support in meeting our training needs. They keep us up to date with regular reports and updates allowing us to follow the progression of our Lift Engineers through the programme they simple provide hassle free and professional training.
Ian Stephens
Managing Director (Lift Specialists)

Plaistow Electrical Wholesalers are proud to be supporting Training and Innovation in the Lift Industry. We’re continually supporting Training Centre Direct in their endeavours to promote ‘Apprentice Lift Engineers’ into the trade as the ‘Lift Engineers Of Tomorrow’ - between both companies we have facilitated student visits to our premises to give these young learners an insight into the trade.
Jason Clark (Director)
PEW Electrical

Our staff are much more interested and we feel that we’ve turned a corner in this process and are happy that our people are getting their certification in an efficient time scale with Training Centre Direct. I’d recommend TCD to anybody as our working relationship has at all times been positive.
Mark Lomas (Service Director)
Apex Lifts

I think I speak for everyone in my class in that were overjoyed with TCDs input and encouragement of how they’re helping our students take the next step in employment in the Lift Industry as an apprentice Lift Engineer. They’ve taken all our students through an in depth explanation of career options in the Lift Trade (with salary expectations), supplied them with easy to understand lift control panel fault finding training and even arranged a site visit to a specialised ‘Lift Product Supplier’ business the value of their input must run into thousands of pounds and they done all this free of charge to help our students.
Ron Smith (Head of Engineering)
Lewisham College

We have been involved with and helped Training Centre Direct to promote ‘Lift Apprenticeships’ in the trade through our industry contacts. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their knowledge is vast and there’re there to help.
Ish Buckingham (Editor)
Elevation Magazine

Apollo Lifts worked with Training Centre Direct to undertake the ‘Health & Safety Training’ relevant to passenger lifts. The ‘Tool Box Talks’ was very informative as were the handouts and the centre was very well equipped.
Terry Burnett (Operations Manager)
Apollo Lifts

I run a small lift company and costs are imperative to be kept under control. We discovered Training Centre Direct only by chance but are extremely impressed by how they run the Lift Apprenticeship Scheme and this doesn't cost me a penny.
Alan Bailey (Director)
Baileys Lifts

Shepherds Bush Housing Association found the practical demonstrations very useful and all the staff at Training Centre Direct were very knowledgeable on their subject.
Anil Pandey (Building Services Manager)
Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Pittville Property Services were delighted with the workshop that Training Centre Direct conducted in that we’re now able to undertake surveys ourselves and operate the lift safely.
Paul French (Building Surveyor)
Pittville Property Services

Lerch Bates decided to work with Training Centre Direct as they provided a comprehensive agenda on ‘Lift Safety’ which I found very useful as I started out my training in the Lift Industry all staff were extremely helpful.
Melanie Walker (Senior Consultant)
Lerch Bates

We were recommended to attend a Lift Health & Safety Course run by Training Centre Direct as we needed save money over unnecessary expenditure. Our senior Lift Engineer was impressed with the delivery and content of the training on the day. A great deal of networking was also carried out and it was beneficial to talk to other engineers in the lift trade on the course that we otherwise would never have got to meet. Good Course, Good Content & Good Staff.
Terry McArdle (Director)
Grimsby Lifts

On behalf of the Orona Group, I’m pleased to report that we’ve used Training Centre Direct to run a number of workshops. We have found that these run very well and have a clear and concise format. I would also like to say that the hospitality is of an exceptionally high standard and the company as a whole is just easy to do business with.
Steve Webb (South London Service Manager)

We are pleased to have been introduced to Training Centre Direct all those years ago as we’ve seen an increase in staff production in getting our jobs done that bit quicker which adds to our bottom line. Since our first encounter with them we have put both our Lift Engineers on the NVQ programme and have also put our subcontract Lift Engineers through their Lift Health & Safety Training Workshop which has been very well received.
Peter Selby (Director)
Chertsey Elevators

I attended Training Centre Directs course on behalf of Suffolk Mental Health Partnership and were able to demonstrate the safe lift release procedures competently with minimal investment.
Barry Chapman (Facilities Manager)
Suffolk Mental Health Partnership

We had spoken to other training providers but were taken back by the experience and motivation of the staff at Training Centre Direct. We have current Lift Engineers working towards their NVQ and are more than satisfied with the feedback and reports we receive, we simply leave everything to them.
Keith Ford (Director)
Skyline Elevators

I was very pleased with the training workshop that Training Centre Direct provided and I was able to demonstrate the techniques learnt on the course to other members of staff working at The Eadmund Residential Care Home.
Harold Hare (Engineering Manager)
The Eadmund

I was introduced to Training Centre Direct when our client needed to finish his training to become fully qualified and were overwhelmed with the amount of help we received. We have an ongoing relationship and are planning to work together more closely to get people back into work.
Jonny Why (Lead Training Advisor)
FTC Training

After searching for lift training providers using the internet, we decided to go with Training Centre Direct as they had all the answers to our problems. The training we received was precisely what we were seeking and everything ran smoothly on the day. The staff we spoke to during and after the course were very knowledgeable with Lift Safety.
David Price (Housing Officer)
Wrekin Housing Trust

Bromdale Lifts were more than satisfied with Training Centre Directs approach to Lift Training and they’ve also assisted us with Lift Engineer Recruitment, we’re happy to recommend to others.
Martin Collis (Director)
Bromdale Lifts

We signed up with Training Centre Direct after hearing how they helped other lift companies and their engineers achieve NVQ accreditation. We were not disappointed and would highly encourage others in the trade to talk directly with them.
Linda Barratt (Director)
Ascendit Lifts

The Direct Lift Company have worked with TCD in the NVQ training of our Lift Engineer Improver and I will not hesitate to use them again.
Dave Embling (Director)
Direct Lift Company

The course covered all aspects of what we were looking for including Health & Safety, British Standards and the many different Regulations. The trainer and organiser were extremely helpful and the general discussions throughout the day were constructive and informative.
Denise Hill (Electrical Services Manager)
Hackney Homes

Abbey Liftcare has used Training Centre Direct when trying to fill for a new lift mate/improver position we had vacate. Several candidates were put forward by them and they handled all the interviews leading to us employing Darren, our new lift mate/improver without cost.
Mark Harding (Lift Installation Manager)
Abbey Liftcare

Metro Lifts have been working very closely with Training Centre Direct for several years in order for all our Lift Engineers to meet the standards of the NVQ. We’ve also put all our staff through the 1 day ’Lift Safety’ workshop where this has helped us to work more safely and highlight risks with the lift equipment.
Steve Mallett (Director)
Metro Lifts

Hiwire Lift Services attended a recent Training Day and we were highly impressed with the content and delivery throughout.
Steve Cyster (Senior Lift Engineer)
Hiwire Lift Services

East End Homes contracted with Training Centre Direct to deliver some practical Lift Training and we were not disappointed. The Lift Trainer was very knowledgeable and the delivery of the whole project exceeded our expectations.
Keith Davis (Tenant Housing Officer)
East End Homes

Alpha Lift Engineering Services Ltd decided to use Training Centre Direct after a personal recommendation. We put both our Lift Engineers through the training programme and will highly recommend them to others in the Lift Trade.
Martyn King (Director)
Alpha Lifts

Both partners at Direct Lift Services were more than pleased to have been working with Training Centre Direct over the past few years in achieving NVQ Certification. This would not have been possible without the additional help they provided for us.
Peter Owen (Director)
Direct Lift Services

On behalf of Technical Elevator Services I confirm the very important and valuable service provided to our company by Training Centre Direct. We particularly like the professional, comprehensive & courteous manner in which all training sessions are conducted.
Mark Corrigan (Regional Director)
Technical Elevator Services

All out Lift Engineers at Invicta Lifts have used Training Centre Direct for help with their NVQ portfolios and at each occasion it’s been a pleasure to deal with them.
Mark Eveleigh (Director)
Invicta Lifts

Training Centre Direct helped me with my NVQ and significantly speeded up the process by carrying out onsite observations. This helped to reduce the time involved and they even took care of most of the cross referencing to the NVQ standards for me.
Alan Pocock (Chief Engineer)
Office Depot

The salvation Army commissioned Training Centre Direct to help us with our ‘Emergency Passenger Lift Release’ training needs and were delighted with the course content. The hand winding procedures were particularly helpful.
Jenni Hunt (Tenant Housing Officer)
Salvation Army

Rob was very helpful in giving me advice on apprenticeships in the lift engineering industry. I can recommend him to any organisation considering taking on apprentices.
Simon Morgan (Director)
The HR Dept

I've known Rob for a couple of years. His Lift Training Centre is great. He's always keen to help people raise their expectations & standards. His motivation and enthusiasm for his Lift Training Company is impressive. He also has a very good marketing strategy to help grow his Company.
Constance Lamb (Founder)
Public Speaking Consultant for Executives

I enjoyed working with Rob and found his training method informative and refreshing. The Material provided and works covered were done in a timely and efficient manner. This is important as we don't have lots of spare time for training as we run a business. We will be recommending Rob Hughes to other companies as he offers value and support for after care.
Les Guest (Lift Consulting Engineer)
LCG Lift Consultancy

We have used TCD on a few occassions. They have always provided the required services at a competitive price. They are prepared to discuss and come up with solutions to particular training needs.
James Palmer (Contracts and Health and Safety Manager)
21st Century Lifts Ltd

Rob is highly dedicated to the Lift Industry and the training of lift engineers. The main focus of this training is assisting engineers to gain NVQ qualifications and specifically the EOR 202 qualification which includes a one day Health & Safety workshop which we run together. Rob is always looking to develop new ideas and has now placed a database on his website of Lift Engineers who are looking for work and Lift Company's who are looking for new engineers, which is proving very successful in getting the right people into the right companies. I would thoroughly endorse Rob and TCD as the best place to go to for Lift Engineering training.
Ray Lane (Lift Health & Safety Advisor)
Health & Safety Enrichment

Rob has risen to the height our company expected, our engineers have gained additional health & safety training and are much more aware. We will continue to use TCD in the future.
David Sell (Sales Director)
Technical Elevator Services

Rob runs a class organisation, and is very detail-oriented and conscientious in the projects he is working on. He is quite knowledgeable and able to offer valuable insight into the UK lift industry. He is an excellent resource and very generous with his time, knowledge, and efforts to help others.
Rob Wurth (Sales & Business Development Manager)

I have worked alongside Rob on a various projects. He is articulate, self motivated and hard-working at achieving results. Rob is an expert in lift engineering and makes an otherwise dull subject interesting, due mainly to his charismatic approach to doing business. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.
James Stockdale (CEO)

I worked with Rob carrying out lift release training for the environment agency at the Thames Barrier. I would recommend Training Centre Direct for all your training needs because I know Robs training is 2nd to none.
Mark Berry (Director)
Concept Lifts

Rob is a very enthusiastic dedicated and efficient professional and is quick to grasp the essence of success in his organisation
Tony Lyons (Partner)

Rob bends over backwards to bring the best possible service to his clients. He loves what he does and it shows. He is conscientious and service-oriented and completely client-focussed.
Lesley Anne Rubenstein (Founder)
LAR Consultancy

I've known Rob for many years and I would highly recommend him and his services, he takes a very logical approach to work and conduct himself in a professional manner.
Lee Lines (Director)
Lift Works

I would certainly recommend Training Centre Direct simply because there're always approachable and always on hand, because of Rob his subject knowledge being very specific to the lift industry. It really does give a one stop shop solution to the lift apprenticeship.
Scott Wilkins (Head of Engineering)
North West Kent College

Training Centre Direct has been really helpful to me in finishing my level 3 lift installation course, they come out on site on a regular basis to view the progress made.
Dwight Sayers
Lift Specialists

Training Centre Direct are really helpful, they helped me with my NVQ level 3 on lift service & repair, they also helped me on my cross referencing in order for me to finish.
Marc Duplock
Apex Lifts

I've finished my NVQ level 3 for lift engineering, as they were always there if I had any problems.
Dean Embling
Direct Lift Company

Training Centre Direct have helped me get my lift qualification in a relatively short space of time, they have come out to site many times and have assisted me with my portfolio and given me good guidance.
Michael Assemakis
MSA Lifts

Training Centre Direct helped me with my lift engineer qualification, they came onsite many times and helped me with my cross referencing and portfolio building.
Alfio Sapuppo
Orton Lifts & Escalators

Here at TCD, I've been learning about the basics of lift engineering and any maintenance and electrical engineering in that industry.
David Latchford
College Apprentice

I really enjoyed my time with Training Centre Direct and liked learning about the many different types of lift equipment used
Josh Jarvis
College Apprentice

During my time with Training Centre Direct, I have gained a lot of information about the lift apprenticeship during and after which I have found extremely useful.
James Bradbrook
College Apprentice

Training Centre Direct has been very good, they came in and gave me a very good insight about the lift industry.
Peter Luu
College Apprentice

"This has really appealed to me after completing the course."
This has been a good experience for me because it has shown me a bit more of the lift industry with more experience and an idea of what I want to do now.
Charlie Ruler
College Apprentice

Training Centre Direct help me and showed me lots of different aspects of lift engineering. I learnt about lift pits and motorooms that I didn't know before.
Jake Winfiled
College Apprentice

"I've benefited from seeing all the different things that they do here."
It was really good to get out of college and see things as it's actually happening, see where it's coming from with the parts and components that get sent to all the different lift companies.
Will Rinaldi
College Apprentice

"What I learnt was the different types of wires used in lift shafts."
I thought Training Centre Direct was quite interesting, as I'm studying electrical engineering at college, it was enjoyable looking at the different parts and components.
Tristram Williams
College Apprentice

The training course put on by Training Centre Direct was very informative and it's helped me to realise about new career that I didn't even know existed.
Daniel Windsor
College Apprentice

I very glad I finished my NVQ level 2 with Training Centre Direct as they were very helpful with regular reviews and really helpful.
Ryan Ayling
College Apprentice

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