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General Data Protection Regulations

General Data Protection Regulations

The Eight Principles of Data Protection & GDPR

Your data is important to us and the way that we handle it, below we set out our responsibilities and your rights to the data that you give to us and how it is stored.

1. How your data is lawfully managed that is also fairly processed
We only collect data that you give to us that is legitimate for the purposes of our services. Our main areas of help and support is with employability support, payroll services, training courses & qualifications and registration. We also work in development to upskill your ability and refresher your knowledge in the area of activity that you seek. We keep your data only for the purposes of supplying the specific service to you that is managed within GDPR guidelines. This is processed securely and will never be shared with any 3rd party that is not directly linked to the relevant service that you have signed up for. For example we may share relevant data to our accountants to process your payroll.

2. How your data is specifically handled for a limited purpose
Data that we hold is kept securely on our computer systems that is password protected. We only need your data to deliver the relevant recruitment, training or development areas of business that you ask us to complete. Information such as name, address and contact details, and other information are held securely in case we need to use it. We only ever collect data that is applicable to your request and for the right purpose of delivering your desired outcome. For example, we only keep your address details in case we need to write to you

3. How only relevant data that is appropriate will be kept
Relevant data is all that we need, we have no need or use for any other data that is irrelevant or excessive. Data is kept via encrypted computer password programs in a securely locked office. No members of the public can access our office or any other people outside our company. Data comes in many forms and can be excessive, we will only keep relevant data that you give to us and consent to. For example, we have no need to hold any medical records, but may need your clothing sizes if we are to supply personal protective workwear for a job or work trial.

4. Current and accurate data is all we ever need
We will only ever need the true and accurate data to deliver our service to you. Sometimes your data will become out of date over time or during the course of our work. Some of our qualifications can last up to four years and we need to ensure that your data is kept current. We will make reasonable steps to contact you if we believe that your information has changed, you can also contact us and we’ll update our records too. For example, if you move house then we may need your new address, or if we award you a pay increase, then your details and salary should be checked and updated.

5. We don’t keep any data for longer than is required
Your data is important and we don’t need to keep hold of this forever, it is simply not needed. We periodically review the length of time that we hold your personal information and properly delete or destroy this as necessary. You can request to see the information that we hold on your record by contacting us. For example, if you no longer want to receive any marketing information and remove your details from our records, we may need to retain just enough information to ensure that we can remove you from future offers and promotions.

6. Your data, your rights and how we process it
You have the right to access the data that we hold, and stop it from being used if it is annoying you or causing distress, some information will change over time which can cause disruption. We comply with data protection laws and GDPR and you have the right to know how we process your information using our own systems in our company and to any other relevant organisation in the proper delivery of our service or product. For example, you can request to see all information that we hold on you and if you want any part or it deleted, then we will do this.

7. How we protect your data and keep safe
We protect and secure your data in several ways. Physically your data is locked in a secure office that only employed staff can access, members of the public, guests, suppliers and any contractors used cannot access this area. Technically your data is stored and kept safe on our IT systems using routers that do not have open ports and randomly generated passwords. Our passwords are several characters in length using uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. For example, using our password would take 29 undecillion years to crack.

8. Unless you consent, your data will not be conveyed outside the UK
As we only operate in the UK, there is no need to send or transfer your data to any other country. We will always contact you first to ask for your consent if this ever changed later on. For example, if we needed to hold your data in the USA, we would first need a very good reason to do so and will contact you for your permission.

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