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Bexleyheath Academy

Bexleyheath Academy

Training Centre Direct in partnership with the Funding Solutions for Education has supported local Bexleyheath Academy in supporting new training opportunities for young people living in the Bexley Borough.

The new BA presentation 'Pride Through Achievement' folder can be obtained by contacting Bexleyheath Academy.

Bexleyheath Academy demonstrates the following ethos and values.

Development of creative learners, participants, thinkers, performers and student leaders, along with teachers, practices and activities;
Ensuring that everyone at BA is enabled to be creative in their work, their planning and ambitions.

Set the highest of aspirations for ALL;
Provide opportunities for ALL to develop and grow through learning, discovery, activities and personal engagement;
Instill a culture of achievement and ambition among our students .

Supporting ALL within the Academy to be resilient learners and participants within their learning journey through the good attendance, punctuality;
Equipping them with the skills to learn and undertake new challenges;
Challenging them every day to set their sights higher and achieve their best

Encourage all students to support each other;
To engage within their school, local and wider communities;
To be aware of the world around them and find ways in which they can engage in it;
To help others and to be active members of the Academy and Community.

WE create and support a valid, appropriate and varied curriculum that enables ALL to be successful;
WE aspire for every lesson to be outstanding;
Students engage in and love their learning;
WE offer an engaging enrichment programme for all;
Our children AND parents aspire to University, training or further education;
Our Students, Parents AND teachers pursue a journey of Learning whilst attending BA

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