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Our Experience Speaks for Itself

If you're the type of person of wants easy completion of NVQ Recognised Lift Engineering Courses and to learn the short cuts to take on new Government Funded Trainee Lift Engineers then we have the right product for you, because everything we do, we believe in providing a solution, we believe in thinking & working differently.

We write winning funding bids, design great courses and only work with Experienced Partners. As we do not operate in the same way as a mainstream college and are privatelly owned, we do not have to follow the red tape that often gets in the way. You can be assured to offload the whole problem of training & qualifications and the hiring of new people to our Experienced Company .

Established in 2006, we are lift industry experts and an Award Winning training and development company with a specialism in Government funded lift engineer training workshops & vocational qualifications.

We deliver the lift industry approved EOR202N 'Working Safely in an Engineering Environment' (Lift Safety) unit accreditation and also Ofqual accredited National Vocational Qualifications to over 150 clients from the UK and abroad. With our Government funding contracts, sponsorship agreements and lift industry partners, we can find you great staff to support your lift business, hire them out to you for short and long term projects, manage their payroll & training and help to support you for long term sustainable business growth.

We also manage the Lift Engineer Safe Register to give reassurance to the lifts building owner regarding safety aspects of lift engineering staff employed on lift companies, please contact us on 020 8303 4411 for more details.

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