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Lift Engineer Safe Register

The Lift Engineer Safe Register is the official list of lift operatives who are registered to work safely and legally on passenger and goods carrying lift equipment and is an online public register of all approved persons in the United Kingdom.

Lift apprentices, lift mates/improvers, lift engineers, lift testers, lift surveyors, lift consultants, lift insurance inspectors and lift management personnel must all be able to demonstrate safe competence when accessing/egressing lift equipment and working safe helping to protect members of the public and themselves from preventing serious accidents, danger or harm.

By law all lift operatives must work safely in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and breaches of this legislation can result in a large fine and/or imprisonment for the lift operative and/or lift company, set by the courts.

When an individual becomes registered they have met their standard (much like the DVLA issues driving licences to those who have passed a driving test), to carry out work safely on lifts and can prove they can operate lift machinery, move lift cars on test control and gain access to the lifts pit.

As a result, the training and examination checks they make before approving a new registration extend to ensuring and safeguarding that those applying for registration are suitably qualified as competent.

The Lift Engineer Safe Register investigates reports of illegal, negligent or bad workmanship jobs, and where relevant this information is passed on to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who have the power to prosecute.

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