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Lester Controls

Lester Controls was founded in 1986 by John Beresford. In the early 1990s, Lester Controls first designed a competitive relay controller service to bring to the UK home lift market, and after introducing PLC based microprocessor controllers, their reputation really started to grow.

It was no con-incidence that with the training of new lift personnel, Lester Controls were a key partner with Training Centre Direct as lift control panels are the biggest feature in all passenger and goods carrying lifts.

Lester Controls very quickly saw the potential in the partnership arrangement and quickly decided to kindly donate and sponsor TCD’s short training courses with ten lift test controls for their groups of new students to work on. They also provided some basic training at their centre.

Lester Controls first started to become known for providing good, reliable and easy to understand equipment, and so, the Lester Controls name was beginning to spread far and wide throughout the industry. As their experience and knowledge grew, so did their ideas, and in 1998 the decision was made to develop a ‘lift specific’ microprocessor based lift controller. Thus, the highly successful MP500 was born and has been installed on some 4,500 lifts over the years.

Since 2000 Lester controls have also expanded and achieved several milestones including:

  • The opening of a midlands factory to cover R&D and electronics assembly
  • Ancillary equipment growing substantially and now representing 20% of annual turnover
  • Hailing the launch of the internet based controller the ‘Almega’
  • Launching our Almega II controller with a more powerful duel-core microprocessor, LCD display and user-friendly interface
  • Becoming more environmentally friendly and recently integrated eco-friendly features to our Almega / MP2G and Almega II controllers to improve on energy efficiency
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