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Hire or Employ

To hire or employ, that is the question, and which is right?

The answer is not straightforward or will be the same with two or more lift firms, essentially either is right if it fits in with the objectives of the lift company they're working for.

Training Centre Direct (TCD), with a number of lift industry partners have developed and run employability training courses for new lift apprentice/mates and improvers dozens of times with each new course being modified or adapted and made better.

"Over 90% of our intakes who complete the course will get hired and most of these people will get re-hired by a 2nd, 3rd, or sometimes 4th lift firm over the course of their contract,", which makes sense said Rob Hughes, Director of TCD. He added, "this provides flexibility to lift firms and offers more support to the worker in that if they're out of work TCD will help and support them elsewhere".

This also works in reverse, where TCD can source lift mates with 2-3 years previous lift experience and offer these to lift firms, so it's not always hiring staff that are new off their latest course as they have an extensive database of experienced people for hire on short or long term projects.

Lift firms such as Apex Lifts, Lift Specialists, Emerald Elevators, Liftec Lifts, MKM Elevators & Hydratec Lift Services have all benefited along with platform lift manufacturers and stairlift companies such as Axess 2 and Higher Elevation. Other associated electrical, mechanical and fabrication firms and smaller lift sub-contractors have had their share of lift industry and group funding.

Top of the list is Hertfordshire based Lift Specialists Ltd who have collectively benefitted from over £100k of funded investment as they have employed a number of lift staff since 2013. Generally each lift made comes with at least £8,000 of funded training invested prior to any hire engagement where the lift employer gets this for free.

TCD does engage with transfer fees and this fee releases the lift mate from our management, however there is no guarantee that the lift mate will stay long term and there have been examples of when the lift firm has lost out.

Some of the benefits of hiring our lift mates are as follows;

  • You can use them for any length of time and simply end their ‘hire period’ when your projects are complete
  • They’re not your employees so there are no payroll costs
  • No holiday pay, Bank holiday pay, sick pay, pension entitlement or maternity/paternity pay.
  • No National Insurance payments
  • Full VAT reclaimable from HMRC
  • All costs are tax deductible for Corporation Tax at 19%.
  • Lift mate does not have employment protection, they cannot bring a case of unfair dismissal.
  • No redundancy payment

TCD & CSR partners, Government funds, National Lottery, funded grants, inward investment sponsorship, SFA apprenticeship funding and Nationwide Academy of Lift Owners (NALO) members have all provided either finance, tutorial support, mentoring or work trials leading to sustainable lift industry employment.

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