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CSCS Card, Which One...?

The lift industry is renowned for lift engineers undertaking works where they are not currently qualified to do, some lift firms are also bending the rules employing people as lift mates and sending them out as engineers to repair and install lift equipment by themselves, where they should be under the guidance of a competent person.

It doesn't get any easier when these field based lift staff have to apply for a CSCS card and to also comply with their rules for safe site safety.

Many people will have the CSCS green card and for a time this was accepted as sufficient entry to a site, but this was only meant for laborers for basic site skills.

The problem is once a person has crossed the threshold into the lift shaft/pit/motoroom, they are subjected to an engineering environment and as such are now present to additional dangers such as moving machinery, crushing and falls from height to name a few.

CSCS will require lift people to have a red card which means that you will need to be registered on an NVQ at level 2. You will also need the lift industry approved and recognised EOR202N qualification which covers basic lift safety.

07/02/2017 09:15:00

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