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Cases Prosecuted at Court

Read More - Cases Prosecuted at Court
21/01/18 09:53:00

Ever wondered what happens when cases end up in court? Would you want to be in any way part of it? Click on this link and read a selection of lift owners and lift firms who have been prosecuted.


15/01/18 11:44:00

Plaistow Electrical Wholesalers founded in 1988 has grown to become one of Europe's leading suppliers of quality lift and electrical products. An on-going expansion programme and product range continues unabated, in line with their aim of making PEW a single source supplier to the lift industry. Coupled with a fully equipped 26,764sq ft warehouse, a comprehensive lift product guide is available in both standard buyers guide and also...

Lift Engineer Safe Register

04/01/18 15:27:00

The Lift Engineer Safe Register is the official list of lift operatives who are registered to work safely and legally on passenger and goods carrying lift equipment and is an online public register of all approved persons in the United Kingdom. Lift apprentices, lift mates/improvers, lift engineers, lift testers, lift surveyors, lift consultants, lift insurance inspectors and lift management personnel must all be able to demonstrate safe competence when accessing/egressing lift equipment and working safe helping to protect members of the public and themselves from preventing serious accidents, danger or harm. By law all lift operatives must work safely in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and breaches of this...

What's the Bigger Vision...?

17/12/17 22:06:00

Who are you? I'm Rob Hughes, Director of Training Centre Direct, with 27 years’ experience in the lift industry. What's the problem your ideal client is facing? Some common problems for lift people are how to comply with the complicated rules of which CSCS card you require, what basic lift safety...

CSCS Card, Which One...?

07/02/17 09:15:00

The lift industry is renowned for lift engineers undertaking works where they are not currently qualified to do, some lift firms are also bending the rules employing people as lift mates and sending them out as engineers to...

Lesters, PEW, Apex Lifts & Global Lift Equipment Support New Lifties

17/12/16 09:59:00

TCD originally started out in 2006 as an independent centre for the delivery of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ's) at Level 3 and the Lift Industry Approved EOR/202 (Basic Lift Safety). Adding to this the full range of accredited qualifications for both passenger and goods carrying lifts we also supported many local colleges in the delivery of apprenticeship frameworks for younger people who recently left school. We have trained and qualified over 1,500 people from all over the UK and abroad and have expanded into...

NVQ - How Long Does it Take?

19/03/16 14:50:00

Question - How long does it take to complete an NVQ? Answer - It depends on a number of variables, the engineer, the time available and the employer support. The EOR202N is a single NVQ unit and certificate of verified achievement with a minimum time expectation of 3 months before you get your certificate - with it taking 55 working days to register and claim alone through the...

Hire or Employ

16/02/16 15:44:00

To hire or employ, that is the question, and which is right? The answer is not straightforward or will be the same with two or more lift firms, essentially either is right if it fits in with the objectives of the lift company they're working for. Training Centre Direct (TCD), with a number of lift industry partners have developed and run employability training courses for new lift apprentice/mates and improvers over a dozen times with each new course being modified or adapted and...

Apex Lifts Team Building with TCD Lift Mate

19/12/15 09:38:00

After just 3 days of a two week work trial, newly trained lift mate 'Danny Wright' came up with an idea of playing Russian Roulette with a group of fellow Apex Lift Engineers to help settle him into his new position. 12 eggs were selected with 10 being hard boiled and 2 rare, and then each taking their turn to smash them into the head of the person next in line- the rest is history! Before Danny worked for Bexleyheath based Apex Lifts, Danny was unemployed with very little job prospects after applying for several jobs. Despite having previous experience working as a fixers cladding mate producing...

Elevation Magazine

12/08/15 14:21:00

The Elevation Magazine has featured Training Centre Direct more than a dozen times over the years covering new job creation and making sure people know what they are doing with accredited qualifications, they have even been featured on the front cover of...

Global Lift Equipment

03/08/15 09:13:00

Global Lift Equipment (GLE) were pleased to support the work that Training Centre Direct performs as a leading training provider to new lift people that want to enter the...

Training Centre Direct Partner Hits Local News

26/06/15 09:00:00

'It’s feeling good out there' - Unemployment down by a quarter in Bexley. Unemployment rates in Bexley are down by a quarter from last year, with hundreds of people no longer claiming unemployment benefits. Some 2,064 Bexley residents were...

Training Centre Direct Wins 4 PAGE Press Article

04/01/15 11:42:00

WHERE WILL OUR FUTURE LIFT ENGINEERS COME FROM? by Ish Buckingham. Leading awarding organisation, EAL (EMTA Awards Ltd), recently hosted the Skills for Economic Success round table in London. Attended by Conservative MP John Hayes, as well as employers from large industry players such as Airbus UK and CMB Plc, employer bodies and...

Lester Controls

26/06/14 10:41:00

Lester Controls was founded in 1986 by John Beresford. In the early 1990s, Lester Controls first designed a competitive relay controller service to bring to the UK home lift market, and after introducing PLC based microprocessor controllers, their reputation really started to...

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