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Industry News Award

Since 2006, we've had dozens of articles in lift trade magazine Elevation. We've also been awarded a front page feature, not once, but twice!

We've also had countless mentions on social media website together with 100's of online, video and written testimonials from lift people that have been trained through our centre.

The Magazine

Elevation was launched in October 1994, targeted specifically at the British Lift Industry. It is still the UK’s only lift trade magazine and provides an open forum for issues of common interest to be discussed and hopefully resolved. It also serves as an advertising platform for the industry to market their products and services.

Magazine Objectives

Elevation has the following Editorial Objectives:

To provide an open forum for all sectors of the British Lift Industry.
To promote the views of the British Lift Industry and hopefully provide a common voice on matters of mutual interest.
To provide an open forum for consideration of external issues.
To provide an advertising medium for all sectors of the British Lift Industry.
To inform decision-makers, such as Architects and Property/Facility Managers of the products and services that are available from the British Lift Industry.


Elevation Magazine is published four times per annum; in February, May, August and November.


Elevation has a circulation of 2000 copies with a substantial proportion being supplied on a complimentary basis to ‘clients of the industry’ such as Architects, Property/Facility Managers, Consulting Engineers, Local Authority Engineers etc.

Training Centre Direct is the UK's No.1 Lift Recruitment, Training and Development Company.

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