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About Us

Our Founders History

In our company and through our wide reaching network of lift industry employers, we have 1,000's of contacts, 100's of years of experience and a passion for delivering excellence in all areas of our business. You can be assured that your choice of training, employment and payroll partner, outsourced to Training Centre Direct, will be an asset to your already established team. Read a short biography of the experience of our founders Rob Hughes and Deborah Stacey, discover how they know 3,500+ lift engineers all over the UK and take a look at our lift industry sponsors above.

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Lift Engineer Safe Register

The Lift Engineer Safe Register is the official list of lift operatives who are registered to work safely and legally on passenger and goods carrying lift equipment and is an online public register of all approved persons in the United Kingdom. Lift apprentices, lift mates/improvers, lift engineers, lift testers, lift surveyors, lift consultants, lift insurance inspectors and lift management personnel must all be able to demonstrate safe competence when accessing/egressing lift equipment and working safe helping to protect members of the public and themselves from preventing serious accidents, danger or harm.

Apex Lift & Escalator Engineers

Independent and family-run, Apex Lifts is deliberately different. Founded by Arthur Jenchner and John Wathen over four decades ago, the Apex vision is to make a positive and lasting impact on the lift industry. Current MD Warren Jenchner continues to lead London’s largest independent lift manufacturing and servicing company into the future, offering lift maintenance and design, servicing, manufacturing, installation and training services throughout London, Greater London, the South East and surrounding Home Counties.

PEW Lift Electrical Distributors

Founded in 1988, PEW has grown to become one of Europe's leading suppliers of lift and electrical products, with their success being based on the simple principles of innovation, quality and service. Their product guide has grown considerably, not just reflecting PEW's growth, but also its enduring commitment to offer you the widest possible range of quality products, conveniently available from one source. This on-going expansion of our product range continues unabated, in line with our aim of truly making PEW a single source supplier to the lift industry.

Nationwide Academy of Lift Owners

The Nationwide Academy of Lift Owners, 'NALO' (pronounced 'Nay-Low') is backed by a number of lift employers in the UK, that has no political or government ties, nor does it lobby, campaign, complain or get wrapped up in red tape. We have just one clear purpose, to help grow your lift business and fulfil your potential using Government funded training provision and a 'no-ties' approach to new lift staff employment.

Lester Controls Systems

Lester Controls was founded in 1986 by John Beresford. In the early 1990s, Lester Controls first designed a competitive relay controller service to bring to the UK home lift market, and after introducing PLC based microprocessor controllers, our reputation really started to grow. Lester Controls started to become known for providing good, reliable and easy to understand equipment, and so, the Lester Controls name was beginning to spread far and wide throughout the industry. As their experience and knowledge grew, so did their ideas, and in 1998 the decision was made to develop a ‘lift specific’ controller.

Social Learning Centre

A network of lift professionals from some of the biggest names in the lift industry with more than 100 years of combined lift experience including lift training & recruitment, lift components, lift industry news, lift installations and lift maintenance & repair. Their vision is to provide 10,000 lift engineering jobs or apprenticeships in the UK. They will do this by influencing the right decision makers, sourcing funding from organisations who share our passion and developing fruitful partnerships with everyone.

Global Lift Equipment

Global Lift Equipment are a UK Company, understanding the different needs and demands which the UK Lift Industry brings. Many would agree that whilst everyone works to EN Standards, the UK has “additional demands” which sets us apart from our European neighbours. Their years of experience ensures that they deliver to the high expectations set throughout our industry. Working on a one to one basis, ensures that all projects are dealt with accordingly, optimising the level of input required from initial enquiry through to after sales. Research & development remains a priority as we continue to enhance and develop products.

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