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Temp to Perm Solutions

Selection, Training, Placement, Payroll, Employment, Certification of Accredited NVQ Courses & Lift Engineer Safe Registered (LESR)

We provide a complete solution and specialise in the training of quality lift industry funded improvers. If you need lift mates or lift improvers for short term lift modernisation or lift installation projects with the added flexibility of employing them permanently, then we can find quality staff through our Government funded lift engineer training courses. Ideal for lift employers who want to remain in complete control and to outsource the payroll burden, while assessing the suitability of each applicant.

Training Centre Direct are lift industry experts and have been running and delivering lift engineering accredited training courses since 2006. We have also placed dozens of new mates & improvers into lift firms since 2013 where we provided an outsourced payroll service. Take one of our quality and carefully selected new lift engineering improvers into your lift company and benefit from our funded training course. We can even run their payroll and invoice you weekly for short term assignments or you can employ directly and take them off our hands permanently.

Our Temp to Perm solution is the most popular meaning that you stay in complete control where you can have a longer settling in period before taking them on yourself, if needed.

Over 150 local and national employers have all benefited from this unique approach with the added benefit of a network of stakeholders/sponsors providing additional support.

TCD Funded Training and Course Outline

  • Initial Selection Tests and Assessment
  • Classroom Safety Training covering LEIA EOR202N & CSCS
  • 20 Days Free Work Trial Placement
  • Independent NALO Course Certification
  • EAL NVQ2 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance and Installation
  • Lift Engineer Safe Registered (LESR)
  • Full PPE & Workwear Provided
  • Total = £12,936 (funded support at no cost to you)

Further Accredited Training*

  • EAL NVQ3 for Lift Service & Repair OR
  • EAL NVQ3 for Lift Mods & Installation
  • *Further Accredited training is only funded by TCD while you're hiring our lift mate.




Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

We recruit and carefully select each person onto our Government funded lift training course, assessment tests are conducted and each person is interviewed in person prior to start.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

We complete our classroom training including Health & Safety, CSCS, Tool Box Talks and Electrical Theory Training to build, wire and test different lift control systems, prior to your own interview.

Onsite Training

Onsite Training

3 day, 5 day and 10 day FREE work trials available, PPE and Workwear supplied by us including a Lift Industry Approved Site Safety Handbook, at no extra cost.

Temporary Payroll

Temporary Payroll

You hire the lift mate for as long as you need and only pay for the time spent at work, all hours are recorded on a weekly time sheet signed by you and our lift mate.

Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

At any time, you can directly employ our lift mate with clear costs agreed in advance, there are no extra costs for any of the previous training that they have received prior to your employment.

NVQ Unit Certifcate

NVQ Unit Certificate

We certifcate each lift mate with an entry level foundation lift safety NVQ unit accreditation, delivered by TCD and funded by Government.

  • EU
  • Apex Lifts
  • Job Centre Plus
  • PEW Electrical
  • Lottery Funded
  • Elevation Magazine
  • NALO
  • ELA
  • Social Learning Centre
  • British Library
  • Lift Engineer Safe Register
  • LEIA